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Achieve faster and more efficient medical device design with Solid Edge

Solid Edge software can speed product development and perform virtual testing and analysis of designs to ensure that new products meet customer needs and regulatory requirements.

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Accelerate the medical device design process

Medical device manufacturers need to accelerate the development of innovative, high-quality products that are straightforward for medical professionals and patients to use safely and that fully comply with all relevant government regulations.

Solid Edge provides powerful and easy-to-use solutions for medical device design that help meet these needs. Using Solid Edge, regardless of your size as a medical device manufacturer, you can improve your design and development processes and deliver high-quality products on time, enabling you to increase your cash flow and profit margins.

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The Solid Edge Advantage

Solid Edge can speed medical device design and help your company flourish in the demanding medical device manufacturing business environment, allowing you to:

Digitalize engineering processes. Digitalize your entire product development process and transform your business. Streamline engineering processes with 3D digital models. Add intelligence to 3D models throughout the product development lifecycle.

Improve productivity with next-generation design. Make digital representations of existing designs with reverse engineering. Use assembly modeling to manage large assemblies, up to 100,000 parts. Optimize products with generative design.

Speed mechanical design with 3D CAD. Use a history-free approach to 3D CAD with synchronous technology. Design complex parts and assemblies quickly and flexibly. Work directly with design geometry and make changes instantly.

Visualize design intent. Create photorealistic images and animations of proposed products with 3D rendering. Communicate the value of new products to potential customers. Validate design in real-world settings using augmented reality.

Integrate electromechanical design efforts. Create fully functional and manufacturable designs using industry-proven wiring and harness design capabilities. Enable seamless ECAD-MCAD collaboration for electrical and mechanical engineers.

Prepare design for 3D printing. Create products using the latest additive manufacturing and 3D printing techniques, with support for an end-to-end workflow.

Effortlessly create sheet metal models. Create 3D sheet metal models from 2D sketches. Use unique functions, such as enhanced lofted flanges and bend bulge relief, to build complex models.

Meet customer and regulatory requirements. Manage customer and regulatory requirements using requirements management. Make requirements easily visible to design engineers, and track fulfillment of these requirements.

Enable paperless 3D documentation. Communicate more effectively and reduce manufacturing costs using annotated 3D models rather than 2D drawings with model-based definition. Spend less time on documentation.

Validate and improve product performance. Validate and improve performance of products with scalable simulation tools that use virtual prototyping and new integrated motion and vibration simulation. Communicate your digital design documentation globally with XLIFF language translation.

Collaborate on PCB design. Use industry-leading schematic capture and PCB layout tools to avoid costly redesign. Enable real-time collaboration between ECAD-MCAD teams to overcome electromechanical challenges.

Share product data over the cloud. Cloud-based collaboration offers a secure way to share product information regardless of origin.

Manage data, easily and securely. Search, manage and share product data efficiently and securely with scalable data management solutions. Meet the needs of all manufacturers with built-in data management and Teamcenter integration.

With 3D CAD, electrical design, simulation, manufacturing and data management capabilities, Solid Edge provides an integrated portfolio of affordable and easy-to-use solutions that help medical device manufacturing companies design better.

Move to a digital enterprise to prove compliance with complex regulations

3D digital models, or “digital twins,” can enable full traceability in your design and manufacturing process, which is especially important in the development of medical devices. With regulatory pressures driving many aspects of medical device design, digital models allow you to validate designs and verify that your device meets regulatory requirements using data that is added to the digital twin throughout the product lifecycle.

Customer Highlight

Faster design of advanced neurosurgery equipment

Solid Edge accelerates design of Alpha Omega’s next-generation neurosurgery equipment, cutting the project from 12 months to five months and delivering an easier-to-use, compact and transportable device.


  • Redesign advanced neurosurgery system
  • Enhance physician interface
  • Transform an outdated design with new features


  • Teaming up with design and engineering specialists
  • Realizing the old unit was too heavy and bulky to transport
  • Using Solid Edge as a common “language” for development

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Solid Edge and medical device design

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