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Realize seamless electromechanical design of electronic products with Solid Edge

Solid Edge provides a complete solution to create and manage a digital twin of electromechanical products throughout their lifecycle.

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Faster product development of electronic devices

As the demand for smart, connected products increases at an unrelenting pace, higher-than-ever consumer expectations of interoperability are driving electronic product design. New technological innovations are expanding opportunities to deliver higher value, differentiated and connected products. However, the increasing pace of change and the demand for the next big thing have significantly shortened windows of opportunity for marketplace success. Manufacturers of electronic devices are particularly affected by these challenges.

These companies can benefit from easy-to-access and easy-to-use, integrated tools for electromechanical design.


The Solid Edge Advantage

The Solid Edge portfolio of software tools enables manufacturers of electronic devices to improve their capabilities and performance in the following key process areas:

Collaborate with customers and suppliers. Share design data using cloud-based collaborative tools to improve communication of design intent both internally and externally.

Manage projects and engineering change. Search, manage and share product data efficiently and securely with scalable data management solutions. Meet manufacturing needs starting with built-in data management and a growth path to Teamcenter integration.

Meet customer and regulatory requirements. Capture and track customer requirements and relevant industry regulations using requirements management. Link requirements to design projects and 3D CAD models.

Speed mechanical 3D design. Create complex designs quickly and accurately to achieve fast and flexible 3D design. Streamline and simplify the process of finding 3D models using integrated cloud-based catalogs.

Integrate electronic components into mechanical assemblies. Package PCBs and route electrical wiring in confined spaces. Solid Edge PCB Collaboration integrates PCB designs into electromechanical systems. Solid Edge Electrical Routing provides semi-automatic routing of wires and establishes correct wire lengths.

Create schematics for PCBs. Enable fast and flexible PCB design using PADS Professional integrated schematic capture software or imported, third-party designs. Get immediate visual feedback of 3D placement. Validate the layout against the design intent.

Design electrical wiring circuitry. Design electrical wiring schematics, wire harnesses and control panels quickly and easily using Solid Edge Wiring and Harness Design software. Select optimal wire gauges and fuse ratings.

Simulate PCB performance. Explore various scenarios to help determine which parameters or conditions most affect electrical performance. Achieve comprehensive analysis for analog, mixed-signal and mixed-technology PCB circuit design using a single vendor solution.

Analyze cooling of power sources and components. Ensure heat is dissipated correctly and hot spots are kept within limits with Simcenter FLOEFD for Solid Edge, which provides integrated simulation of electronic power sources and heat transfer analysis.

Manufacture accurately and efficiently. Reduce errors and rework in manufacturing. Create machining toolpaths and simulations based on digital models. Achieve faster manufacturing process with Solid Edge CAM Pro. Prepare components for 3D printing.

Publish technical documentation. Ensure that electronic products are manufactured and used correctly. Create interactive work instructions, maintenance manuals and online spare parts catalogs using Solid Edge Technical Publications.

Visualize new products. Create photorealistic images and animations of proposed products with 3D rendering. Communicate the value of new products to potential customers. Validate design in real-world settings using augmented reality.

Solid Edge enables a fast and flexible product development process for the delivery of on-time and on-budget electronic devices with its portfolio of integrated tools that enable seamless electromechanical design.

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