Solid Edge Augmented Reality

Bring ideas to life with design visualization. Solid Edge Augmented Reality allows users to experience true-scale digital prototypes in real-world environments, connecting the digital environment with the physical world. This allows a design to be showcased in its intended environment in a compelling way, even before it is built.


Augmented Reality

Communicate design intent in its intended physical environment

Providing the opportunity to see what a design will look like in its intended setting can be a useful communication tool for both designers and marketers. It can provide confidence in a product’s intended look and feel without having to make the actual product available. By altering one’s perception using digital information, users can view 3D models as though they physically existed.

Free, easy access to next-generation visualization

Solid Edge Augmented Reality lets you visualize products true to scale, or scaled down for larger products, anywhere, using a next-level digital prototype through a free application. This can provide confidence in a product’s intended look and feel without the product even leaving the manufacturing floor.

Assists in design collaboration

Solid Edge Augmented Reality is great for design reviews. An accurate representation of the product’s size/shape helps clients and colleagues understand how the product suits its intended environment, even when teams are geographically dispersed. Implementation benefits include reduced time to market and cost, improved quality and increased productivity.

Secure sharing

Secure sharing of the augmented reality experience is available via the cloud using Teamcenter Share.

Extending AR to other augmented, virtual and mixed-reality experiences

Solid Edge can export OBJ files to other augmented, virtual and mixed-reality (AR/VR/MR) experiences through third-party systems.


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Free software for your startup

Early-stage startups in business for less than three years can apply to get Solid Edge for free. No application fee!

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