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PCB Design

Synchronize the electromechanical aspects of your printed circuit board design using industry-proven schematic capture and PCB layout tools that allow the user to avoid costly redesign of both PCB and mechanical designs.

Solid Edge PCB Design tools allow real-time collaboration among ECAD-MCAD design teams to overcome electro-mechanical design challenges earlier in the design cycle.

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How to improve electromechanical design collaboration

How can effective collaboration increase productivity and deliver a robust design, and what can you do to connect electrical and mechanical design teams?

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Accelerate design development

Solid Edge PCB Design provides schematic capture and PCB layout tools that provide sketch routing, hierarchical 2D/3D planning and placement, and ECAD-MCAD collaboration.

  • Accelerate development with bi-directional communication of incremental design changes and automated review and approval processes between the electronics and mechanical domain.
  • Visualize issues within a 3D PCB environment to perform domain checking, and identify potential interference violations in real time.
  • Quickly capture and lay out printed circuit boards, then verify and update designs between schematic and layout.
  • Take advantage of automated placement planning and management, auto-assisted interactive sketch routing, constraint-driven routing, tuning of high-speed nets and more.
  • Access libraries and parts repositories, with an easy connection to component databases for fast part searches and model downloads.


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PCB Design and Collaboration in Solid Edge

Fully integrated 3D layout with placement, constraints, design rule checking (DRC) and photo-realistic visualization minimizes MCAD iterations. Solid Edge PCB Design uses a complete set of 3D constraints with dynamic collision detection and batch verification to ensure error-free electromechanical design.