Next-generation collaboration with Teamcenter Share

Instantly, securely and easily collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers with Siemens’ next-generation, cloud-based collaboration solution, Teamcenter Share. Complex problems require effective collaboration. Cloud-based software can remove any hurdles standing in the way of finding a solution.

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An engineer’s guide to cloud-based CAD collaboration

Discover the future of seamless CAD collaboration with proven solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity in your design projects. Gain expert insights and best practices, accompanied by real-world case studies showcasing the success stories of companies leveraging cloud-based project collaboration.

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Collaboration features

Teamcenter Share and Solid Edge offer a wide range of collaboration features. Teamcenter Share’s rich set of capabilities addresses your cloud collaboration needs, from providing your team with secure, central storage with optional data management tools, to enabling ad-hoc collaboration with external stakeholders thanks to easy e-mail address-based sharing.

Secure cloud storage

Confidently save your design data to the cloud. Independently verified for data security and integrity, Share follows Siemens’s security baselines and leverages leading technology for data protection and storage.

Augmented Reality

Experience digital prototypes in real-world environments. Augmented Reality allows a design to be showcased in its intended environment from your smartphone or tablet, even before it is built.

Desktop file syncing

Sync files between desktop and cloud and work offline. Data is always available, on any device, ensuring collaborators have access to the latest changes. Share’s integration with Solid Edge allows you to access projects, without leaving Solid Edge.

Messaging and notifications

Communicate more efficiently with your team by referencing specific files. Get notified of key project events by e-mail. Communicate from any device.

Permission-based project sharing

Protect your intellectual property while sharing projects with customers and suppliers. Share with anyone while controlling the level of access to your designs and data. Allow recipients to understand engineering data without having to download it.

Any-device, instant-on access

Collaborate from home, the office, or in-transit with browser-based access on your phone, tablet, Chromebook, Mac, PC and more. No additional IT infrastructure required.

Task management

Accelerate your collaboration by managing who’s doing what, by when, and in what order. Set due dates, priority, and reference project files. Individuals can communicate deliverable completion through an any-device project dashboard and intuitive Kanban boards.

Multi-user overwrite protection

Collaborate with confidence. Your active Solid Edge designs are protected from other’s overwrites, avoiding costly errors. A plethora of other Solid Edge data management tools work with Share.

Engineering-centric view and markup

View, measure and mark up models in a three-dimensional, engineering-centric space. Mark ups and comments are completely traceable, available online and in Solid Edge.

Connection to Teamcenter

When using Teamcenter to plan, design, and share product information and processes within your company, Teamcenter Share securely integrates with your managed workflows to share CAD and other files with collaborators outside your company.

Additional storage

The benefits of Teamcenter Share grow with each additional subscription. The base plan includes 500GB of storage, each additional subscription increases online storage by 5GB.

Increased integration

Over 2,000 Siemens software subscriptions, including several in the Solid Edge portfolio are integrated with Teamcenter Share, enabling increased collaboration.

“Siemens has changed the way we collaborate with our race team and network of manufacturers. Fast, clear communication is important, and Teamcenter Share and Solid Edge allows us to communicate and collaborate across the globe, quickly and easily.”

– PJ Tolentino, Rurok Industries

Experience the power of Teamcenter Share with Solid Edge

With Solid Edge and Teamcenter Share, you and your team can work from anywhere, securely share data with customers and suppliers, and collaborate efficiently thanks to design-centric tools.

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