Heavy Equipment Design

Accelerating product development for manufacturers of heavy equipment.

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Industry Insights

Streamlining heavy equipment design

Respond to increasing design complexity compounded by product diversification, end-user customization requirements, and the pressure to deliver reliable and highly efficient products faster and more cost effectively. Discover how Solid Edge enables manufacturers to address these challenges.

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Bringing innovative heavy equipment to market faster than your competition

Complexity is exploding in construction, agriculture, mining and materials handling equipment manufacturing markets. Businesses that succeed will be the ones that not only embrace this complexity. They will harness it, turning it into a competitive advantage. Heavy equipment manufacturers that build and service the most reliable, efficient and adaptable products are the ones who will define the future.

The Solid Edge portfolio is an integrated set of powerful, comprehensive and accessible tools that advance all aspects of the product development process. Using Solid Edge dramatically shortens time-to-market, provides greater production flexibility and significantly reduces costs with its collaborative and scalable solutions.


The Solid Edge Advantage

Using Solid Edge improves product development performance in these key areas:

  • Easy access to entry level 2D drafting module that enables creation of 2D engineering drawings, re-use of legacy 2D CAD data, and viewing of 3D CAD models
  • Includes superior migration capabilities that allow you to take data seamlessly from third-party CAD software and maintain it in Solid Edge
  • Streamlines the process of finding 3D models of off-the-shelf catalog components with integrated cloud-based catalogs and using these in assembly design, helping you significantly reduce development time and product costs
  • Solid Edge can be used to produce accurate flat patterns from 3D digital models and send the geometry directly to manufacturing
  • Solid Edge CAM Pro enables you to create accurate and efficient toolpaths and machine instructions
  • Prepares and outputs component designs for additive manufacturing and 3D printing
  • Provides easy accessibility to important requirements data to everyone involved in product development
  • Solid Edge Requirements Management captures and tracks requirements and relevant industry regulations
  • Helps you quickly and easily design even the largest assemblies, without lags or crashes
  • Enables fast creation of structural frames using standard sections
  • Documents weld types and automatically creates bills-of-materials and cut lists
  • Integrated capabilities for design of sheet metal components and output of 2D profiles for manufacturing and 2D nesting
  • Speeds the configuration of new products to meet specific customer needs
  • Solid Edge Design Configurator provides product configuration capabilities integrated into Solid Edge
  • Publishes complete 3D technical data packages
  • Modular plant design tools for the creation of process and instrumentation diagrams and complex 3D piping
  • Provides fast creation of data-driven wiring schematics and wire harness designs
  • Provides true co-design environment
  • Solid Edge Wiring and Harness Design seamlessly communicates design content between wiring schematics and electromechanical assemblies
  • Optimizes wiring to meet electrical system performance within mechanical constraints
  • Solid Edge Electrical Routing routes electrical wiring around complex assemblies
  • Includes a unique connected mode for interactive MCAD/ECAD integration
  • Solid Edge Simulation provides integrated analysis of kinematics and dynamics of mechanical assemblies and includes analysis of static loads, buckling, vibration and heat transfer
  • Simcenter FLOEFD for Solid Edge extends the power of CAD environments to CFD analysis, optimizing product performance and reliability for fluid flow, heat transfer and electromagnetic effects
  • Simcenter Flomaster for Solid Edge simulates system-wide pressure drop, pressure surge, temperature and fluid flow rates in a 1D environment
  • Shares design data created in different CAD formats
  • Xcelerator Share cloud-based collaboration enables the user to securely share design data internally and externally and in a way that protects intellectual property (IP)

Customer Highlight

Reducing build time while ensuring quality

Hydrauvision specializes in producing hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical drives and systems for a variety of industries. The company uses Solid Edge for design and simulation to exclude delays in the production process due to design errors.