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Recent developments in tablet devices are bringing major benefits to designers who need full access to design projects while in the office, working from home, on the shop floor, and when traveling to meet with suppliers or customers with solutions that range from mobile viewing to full 3D design sessions.

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Access design projects remotely and speed up 3D design with tablet interactivity

Take advantage of tablet mobility and interactivity for improved design productivity and responsiveness. Using Solid Edge on the Microsoft Surface™ Pro tablet or Surface Book gives you full access to your 3D computer-aided design (CAD) projects on a high-performance device, whether you’re working in a research and development (R&D) laboratory, on the shop floor, or traveling to meet with suppliers and customers. And the free Solid Edge Mobile Viewer app allows you to quickly view Solid Edge parts, assemblies and drawings using any mobile device.

Speed Design Sessions with Tablet Interactivity

You can interact with Solid Edge using the Surface Pro touchscreen, click-in Surface Type Cover, mouse and the Surface Pen. High performance provided by the Intel Core processor and large memory capacity enables you to run design sessions that include large assemblies and complex parts, while you can use finger gestures on the touchscreen to intuitively pan, zoom and rotate your view. While the Surface Pro is small enough to be truly mobile, you can also connect to a larger external monitor when at your desk to facilitate work on complex designs. The minimum recommended Surface Pro configuration for Solid Edge is the Surface Pro 3 256GB / Intel i5.

Speed Design Sessions

Access Design Projects While Mobile

Running Solid Edge on the Surface Pro gives you full access to your design projects while mobile. On the shop floor, you can access the full capabilities of Solid Edge to solve manufacturing issues. When meeting with a customer who requests a simple design change, you can use Solid Edge on your tablet to make the change, validate it using Solid Edge Simulation, and give the customer a 3D model or drawing of the proposed change.

Design Project Mobility

Share Design Ideas and Win More Business

Combining Solid Edge with a highly portable, yet powerful, device enables you to instantly access your best design ideas and share them with customers and suppliers. You can show potential customers beautiful, photo-realistic images and animations of new products so they can quickly understand the value of your design innovations.

Share Design Ideas

View Parts, Assemblies and Drawings Using Any Mobile Device

In addition to running the full version of Solid Edge on the Microsoft Surface Pro, you can download the free Solid Edge Mobile Viewer app to view Solid Edge parts, assemblies and drawings using any mobile device. The Solid Edge Mobile Viewer app is also optimized specifically for the Microsoft Surface Pro, supporting input from a keyboard, mouse, Surface Pen or finger gestures to quickly retrieve and view your 3D models and drawings. You can download the app from the Windows Store.

MS Surface Viewer


Current Topics

Solid Edge enables design from anywhere, at any time. Featuring an Automotive Display Module, capabilities include finger gesture and stylus operation of a full 3D CAD design session on the touch screen Microsoft Surface Pro tablet or Surface Book.

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With Solid Edge, Ten Kate Racing can start a design from the racetrack, create a virtual prototype, and have a new part ready in time for the next race. With the ability to design faster, the team has the freedom to decide on a change when previously there might not have been enough time, which means that speed in design translates to speed on the track.


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