Solid Edge Certification

Get recognized as a Solid Edge Certified Professional for your proficiency and knowledge of Solid Edge

Solid Edge Certification is achieved through an online exam that tests the skills and knowledge of professionals and students who are experienced users of Solid Edge software. Solid Edge certification enhances the competitive edge and reputation of both users and organizations, and provides an industry recognized credential that both professionals and students can use to enhance their careers.


Solid Edge Certification
for Professionals

Solid Edge users who have built up a high level of skills and experience with Solid Edge can take an online examination and qualify as a Solid Edge Certified Professional. The examination is available globally in English and a fee is required to take the examination. This significant qualification offers recognition for both the individual and their employer for their capabilities designing best-in-class products with Solid Edge.


Solid Edge Certification
for Students

Solid Edge offers excellent resources for students and educators including the free student and high school editions of Solid Edge, and proven learning programs for middle schools through to universities. Students can demonstrate their skill level by taking online examinations and qualifying as a Solid Edge Certified Associate Level I (aimed at High School students) or Level II (aimed at University students). The certification exams are available online globally in English, are simpler than the professional level and have a lower fee.

Advantages of Solid Edge
Certification for Businesses

Having Solid Edge Certified Professionals in your company enhances the reputation of your design department, and provides your employees with a qualification that recognizes their capabilities and experience. When recruiting new personnel for your design team, look for Solid Edge Certified Professional status as proof of an individual’s skill with Solid Edge.


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If you’re an early stage startup in business for less than three years, you can now apply to get Solid Edge for free. With no application fee!

Download Free Solid Edge for Students

Build the skills you need with Solid Edge Student Edition software—a free version of the same easy-to-use software suite used by professionals.