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Faster design processes together with virtual testing capabilities speed delivery, reduce costs and improve performance of agricultural machinery

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Agricultural Machines

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Accelerating Agricultural Machinery Design with Solid Edge

Solid Edge software enables manufacturers to respond rapidly to major trends that are impacting farming and agricultural machinery manufacturing.

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Accelerate the Agricultural
Machinery Design Process

In order to be competitive in today’s market, you need to accelerate the design of agricultural machinery so that you can meet launch dates and satisfy your customers’ demands for high-quality, reliable equipment. Solid Edge provides an efficient, integrated 3D design platform that enables you to perform virtual testing of your designs to minimize manufacturing issues, reduce costs, and ensure the durability and superior performance of your equipment in harsh environments.

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The Solid Edge portfolio of software tools address all aspects of the product development process including 3D design, simulation, manufacturing and design management. Using Solid Edge for the design of agricultural machinery, you can:

  • Meet increasing demand for agricultural machinery with shorter product development times
  • Support innovative machinery and equipment design with powerful, flexible 3D design tools
  • Facilitate feasibility studies with rapid 3D modeling to assess new product designs and configurations
  • Easily integrate standard and catalog parts from external suppliers into your designs
  • Perform virtual testing of your designs to eliminate interferences between moving parts, and minimize manufacturing issues
  • Take advantage of Solid Edge Simulation to optimize designs for high performance and durability while minimizing material costs
  • Reduce end-user operating costs with efficient machine designs
  • Demonstrate compliance with government and industry regulations with secure document control and electronic workflow management and signoffs
  • Improve customer service by providing high-quality, illustrated maintenance documents and maintaining accurate “as-delivered” bills of materials (BOMs)


Affordable, Professional Productivity Solutions

Agricultural machinery manufacturers are often small- and medium-sized organizations that do not have the large information technology resources that larger enterprises can apply to implementing and maintaining high-end software solutions. They need professional computer-aided design (CAD) and productivity solutions that are affordable, as well as easy to implement and maintain. Solid Edge provides solutions that help

Built-in photorealistic rendering tools to create stunning product images and animations that help you communicate the innovative features of your designs to potential customers

Excellent sheet metal modeling capabilities for design of structural sheet metal components and housings

The ability to rapidly design, analyze and modify 3D parts and assembly models to perform feasibility studies and ensure accurate fit and function of all components

Solid Edge data management offers scalable solutions for management of CAD files and related technical data that meet the needs of agricultural machinery manufacturers, from startups and very small firms to larger manufacturers with distributed operations

Solid Edge manufacturing applications for machining, sheet metal manufacturing and design for manufacturing

For agricultural machinery manufacturers who both design standard products that are available in many configurations as well as engineer-to-order, accelerated design means delivering your new products on time, meeting your customers’ needs and increasing your cash flow and profitability.

Customer Highlight

Products Delivered Faster and with Greater Innovation

Theebo Tech designs and manufactures agricultural equipment, including seeders and planters, and has achieved simplified and automated product development processes using Solid Edge.


  • Select design solution that can best manage sheet metal and large assemblies
  • Streamline the design process
  • Improve the reuse of 3D product data

Keys to Success

  • Understand the link between files and the full impact of design changes
  • Enable ready access to critical documents
  • Utilize synchronous technology to accelerate product development


  • Notably improved design speed
  • Significant reuse of designs from previous models
  • Simplified and automated product development processes resulting in substantially improved operational efficiencies
  • Products delivered faster and with greater innovation

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Solid Edge and agricultural machinery design

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