Simcenter Flomaster for Solid Edge

Simcenter Flomaster for Solid Edge allows you to easily model and analyze the fluid and thermal flows in piping systems. Its streamlined workflow enables quick computation and visualization of flow velocity, temperature and pressure drop in piping systems in a 1D environment by automatically creating a simulation model from 3D geometries. A best-in-class thermofluid simulation capability, it allows you to size and balance thermofluid piping systems early in the design stage and to model different operating conditions to confirm maximum operating efficiency and safety.

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Best-in-class thermofluid simulation

Use simulation to accelerate the design of better piping systems

SImcenter Flomaster for Solid Edge 1D environment

1D environment streamlines workflow

Simcenter Flomaster for Solid Edge can quickly compute and visualize flow velocity, temperature and pressure drop in piping systems in a 1D environment. Its streamlined workflow automatically creates a simulation model from CAD 3D geometries, which can cut the time required to build a simulation model by up to 90 percent.


Automatically extract 3D geometries

Using Simcenter Flomaster for Solid Edge automates the generation of system-level models directly from 3D geometry. Simply abstract the 3D geometry in Solid Edge and the simulation model is automatically created and ready to run in Simcenter Flomaster for Solid Edge. Static and dynamic analyses can be performed on the model to evaluate piping system performance. Analyses include dynamic system behavior and sizing of components.


Built-in wizards

Thanks to built-in wizards, Simcenter Flomaster for Solid Edge is easy for novices to use, yet it is also appropriate for simulation experts with its advanced capabilities such as simulation of rapid dynamic events and pressure surge.


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