Solid Edge Flow Simulation

Simcenter FLOEFD for Solid Edge supports flow simulation with an embedded computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tool for easy, fast and accurate fluid flow and heat transfer analysis.
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Front-loading CFD for engineering predictability

Fully embedded in Solid Edge, FLOEFD enables design engineers to front-load CFD, moving simulation early into the design process where it can help examine trends and eliminate less desirable design options.

Accurate, fast and easy-to-use fluid flow and heat transfer simulation

Used by engineers across the globe, FLOEFD technology offers answers to complex engineering problems quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

Fully integrated preprocessor, solver and post-processor

With FLOEFD you need only one fully integrated package to analyze your designs. Featuring automated meshing and robust convergence criteria, FLOEFD speeds up the overall design process.

Integrated parametric study and design comparison functionality

Understand influence of changes in the geometry or boundary conditions on the results by comparing a wide range of project variants. Assess results by numerical values, graphs or animations.

High-speed, automatic meshing technology

Automate your meshing process with SmartCells Technology and cartesian mesh generator in FLOEFD, resulting in 2-3 times faster meshing speed.

Digital “what if” analysis capabilities

Conduct “what if” analysis digitally with free surface flow simulation, lighting and radiation capabilities.

Instinctive user experience

An easy-to-use user interface (UI) offers considerable intelligent automation so it’s easy to use for the design engineer and powerful enough for the analysis specialist.


Available Add-on Modules

For designing occupied space, including buildings and vehicles. It includes special simulation capabilities, including comfort parameters and tracer studies, an additional radiation model and an extended database for building materials.

For importing data from EDA software, including Siemens, Cadence, Zuken and Altium, as well as import of power and materials maps (SmartPCB) of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and definitions of thermal territories and network assemblies (Delphi model).

Specifically designed for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of electronics cooling cases, leveraging the SmartPCB FE model; allows for a direct use of temperature and pressure loads from the CFD simulation all within one simulation run.

For simulation of low frequency electromagnetic effects of Alternating Current (AC) induced ohmic and iron losses, as well as permanent magnets and the direct coupled CFD simulation, in order to consider these losses in the thermal simulation of components such as transformers, bus bars and induction heaters.

For detailed simulation of electronics systems. It includes an extended database, packaging materials and physics such as joule heating.

For all lighting-specific simulations with the Monte Carlo radiation model, and a water film model for condensation and icing simulation of water films.

For multi-parameter optimizations leveraging the advanced HEEDS Sherpa solver; leverages multiple global and local search strategies and adapts the search as it learns more.

For more accurate thermal simulation of batteries with Equivalent Circuit Model (ECM) and Electrochemical-Thermal Coupled Model (ECT).

For the design of calibrated thermal semiconductor models from Simcenter T3STER measurements such as integrated circuits (ICs) and insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT).

For special applications such as hypersonic flow for up to Mach 30, orbital radiation simulation such as for satellites, the NIST real gas database and gas combustion simulation.

For extracting dynamic compact thermal models from a 3D model; thermal netlist extraction, for converting a 3D model into an electrothermal model for Simulation Program with SPICE; and package creator tool, for the rapid creation of thermal models of electronic packages. This module is comprised of the Boundary Condition Independent Reduced Order Model (BCI-ROM) feature.

The ultimate solution for electronics cooling, includes the BCI-ROM + Package Creator, EDA Bridge, Electronics Cooling and T2STER Automatic Calibration modules.


Experience the power of Simcenter FLOEFD for Solid Edge

Best-in-class simulation capabilities in Solid Edge provide design engineers with powerful tools to help digitally validate their designs to build better products in less time by front-loading the simulation process

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