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Marine craft and equipment manufacturers worldwide face many challenges, including a growing but fragmented market, increasing demand for customized products, the requirement for highly efficient packaging of accommodation and equipment within complex hull and decks forms, and increasing demand for environmentally sustainable solutions.

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Industry Insights

Speeding product development for marine craft and equipment manufacturers

The Solid Edge portfolio of software solutions enables manufacturers to respond to major trends impacting the marine craft and equipment industry. Solid Edge 3D CAD software enables a faster and more flexible design process, while integrated solutions help to optimize the final product. Industry-unique synchronous technology allows you to design quickly and make changes easily. Solid Edge includes the ability to work with multi-CAD data with direct import of design data in a wide variety of 2D, surface and solid model CAD formats, enabling legacy design data to be reused and incorporated in new designs.

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Start or strengthen your digital transformation

The Siemens Solid Edge portfolio provides an excellent solution for marine craft and equipment manufacturers who want to start or strengthen a digital transformation for their business. Solid Edge creates 3D digital models that can be used to accelerate all aspects of product creation. With Solid Edge, you can use digital models throughout the product development lifecycle, speeding the product development process and enabling manufacturers to bring best-in-class products to market quickly and cost effectively.

Marine craft and equipment manufacturers using these tools can:

Digitalize engineering processes. Digitalize your entire product development process and transform your business. Streamline engineering processes with 3D digital models. Add intelligence to 3D models throughout the product development lifecycle.

Speed mechanical design with 3D CAD. Use a history-free approach to 3D CAD with synchronous technology. Design complex parts and assemblies quickly and flexibly. Work directly with design geometry and make changes instantly.

Visualize design intent. Create photorealistic images and animations of proposed products with 3D rendering. Communicate the value of new products to potential customers. Validate design in real-world settings using augmented reality.

Meet customer and regulatory requirements. Manage customer and regulatory requirements using requirements management. Make requirements easily visible to design engineers and track fulfillment of these requirements.

Apply specific solutions for composite layup design and manufacturing. Understand how composite material will lay out in a 3D model. Automate the design of composite layout with links to Siemens Fibersim™.

Simplify data reuse and migration. Simplify reuse and migration of 3D models and 2D drawings. Maintain 3D model intelligence and 2D drawing associativity.

Improve productivity with next-generation design. Make digital representations of existing designs with reverse engineering. Use assembly modeling to manage large assemblies, up to 100,000 parts. Optimize products with generative design.

Integrate electromechanical design efforts. Create fully functional and manufacturable designs using industry-proven wiring design capabilities. Enable seamless ECAD-MCAD collaboration between electrical and mechanical engineers.

Ease design of tubing and piping routes. Streamline the design of mechanical routed systems with dedicated solutions to route wires and piping around complex hull forms.

Create unique products based on organic shapes. Develop distinctive products using subdivision modeling technology without the need for expert knowledge. Solid Edge offers advanced capabilities for shape creation, manipulation and analysis, with intuitive freeform modeling tools that create stylized shapes..

Streamline access to manufacturing methods. Define and execute a wide range of traditional and new manufacturing processes including CNC machining, nesting, cutting, bending, molding, welding, assembly and additive manufacturing.

Validate and improve product performance. Validate and improve performance of products with scalable simulation tools that use virtual prototyping and new integrated motion and vibration simulation. Communicate your digital design documentation globally with XLIFF language translation.

Prepare design for 3D printing. Create products using the latest additive manufacturing and 3D printing techniques, with support for an end-to-end workflow.

Manage data, easily and securely. Search, manage and share product data efficiently and securely with scalable data management solutions. Meet the needs of all manufacturers starting with built-in data management and Teamcenter integration.

Share product data over the cloud. Cloud-based collaboration offers a secure way to share and collaborate around product information regardless of origin.

With 3D CAD, simulation, electrical design, manufacturing and data management capabilities, Solid Edge provides an integrated portfolio of affordable and easy-to-use marine craft manufacturing solutions to help you rise to new challenges.

Customer Highlight

Boat designers quickly capture customer preferences

Solid Edge with synchronous technology provides Back Cove Yachts with an all-new level of design fine-tuning

Back Cove Yachts | Solid Edge Customer Stories


  • Product development team uses customer and dealer input to guide the design process
  • Designers might not use the CAD system for weeks at a time

Keys to Success

  • Direct geometry editing with synchronous technology eliminates the need to remember design history


  • Rapid changes to existing designs; more design iterations
  • Increased productivity and creativity
  • More time to refine the aesthetics of a boat
  • Better ability to respond to customer and dealer input