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Solid Edge Wiring Design 2019 Cross Probing

Solid Edge Wiring Design tools provide rapid and intuitive electrical circuit design using industry-proven tools that simulate and verify electrical behavior as the design is created.

The graphical authoring environment creates wiring diagrams via an intuitive user interface and built-in intelligent libraries of electrical symbols, components, and simulation models. Simulation highlights design challenges such as short and open circuits, voltage drop, fusing, and wire sizing errors.

The tools automate standards-based diagram generation and cross-referencing for multi-sheet schematics, and automatically generate reports.

Adding Intelligence to Electrical Systems


Adding Intelligence to Electrical Systems

Learn about the typical constraints in electrical design and how to overcome them in our free eBook, Adding Intelligence to Electrical Systems.

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Commercial imperatives of reduced time to market, improved quality, and minimized total cost demand design process change. Using a digital product model whose characteristics can be understood and optimized early in the design cycle can make all the difference. Solid Edge Electrical products enable engineers to create electrical and electronic systems and collaborate directly with mechanical engineers working in the Solid Edge 3D design environment.

Solid Edge Wiring Design and Solid Edge Harness Design products can be used individually or deployed together, allowing wiring design data to automatically flow into associated harness designs, reducing effort and minimizing the risk of costly errors.

Solid Edge Wiring Design

Wiring design and simulation tools for the rapid creation and verification of electrical systems allow design teams to overcome electro-mechanical design challenges earlier in the design cycle.

Solid Edge Harness Design

Rapid and intuitive harness and formboard design tools with automated part selection, design verification, and manufacturing report generation allow engineers to quickly and confidently bring products to market.

Solid Edge Electrical Routing

Efficiently create, route and organize wires, cables and bundles using Solid Edge Electrical Routing. Links to Solid Edge Wiring and Harness Design tools allows electro-mechanical design teams to create complete and accurate digital mockups containing both mechanical and electrical components, removing the need to expensive physical prototypes.

Solid Edge PCB Design

Schematic capture and PCB layout tools, including sketch routing, hierarchical 2D/3D planning and placement, and ECAD/MCAD collaboration simplify the complex task of printed circuit board design.


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Wiring and Harness Design in Solid Edge

In a world of ever increasing electrical complexity, being able to accurately document and design your whole product has become a real challenge. Non-intelligent drawing tools and spreadsheets are no longer capable of keeping track of the electrical aspects of your designs. Companies now need a smart electrical design environment, one which can validate and provide automation as you proceed.