Solid Edge Large Assembly Modeling

Solid Edge Large Assembly Modeling

Companies are rapidly realizing that their current design technology is no longer able to cope as product complexity increases. Engineering departments are inundated with demands to deliver more complex designs in less time, to remain competitive, and gain market share. This pressure makes finding a powerful, fast design system challenging.

Solid Edge for large assembly management, like simplified assemblies and structure-only navigation, combined with fast drawing production, allows engineers to reduce costly prototypes by creating full-size digital mockups.

Complex designs have lots of parts. It’s not uncommon for Solid Edge customer assemblies to exceed 100,000 parts. Solid Edge large assembly technology helps users to effectively work with large assemblies.

  • Take automation and intuition to a new level
  • Build and visualize designs faster than ever before
  • Minimize the need for costly physical prototypes

Designed for engineers by engineers, Solid Edge provides 3D assembly design and management tools to build complete digital mockups, saving time and reducing costly physical prototypes.

Flexible design tools deliver top-down and bottom-up design. Hybrid 2D/3D allows an alternative design approach that mixes real and virtual components with 2D and 3D parts. From project planning, through layout and design to manufacturing drawings, Solid Edge Large Assemblies compresses your design cycle and increases quality.