Solid Edge Large Assembly Modeling


Solid Edge Large Assembly Modeling

With product complexity increasing, more and more companies realize that their current design
technology is no longer able to cope. As product lifecycles decrease, engineering departments
are inundated with demands to deliver more complex designs in less time, to remain competitive
and gain market share. Finding a powerful, fast and efficient design system can be challenging.
Solid Edge® large assembly management software, like simplified assemblies and structure-only
navigation combined with fast drawing production, allows engineers to reduce costly prototypes
by creating fullsize digital mockups.

As designs become more complex, the number of parts in an
assembly often grows. It is not uncommon for Solid Edge
customer assemblies to exceed 100,000 parts. Solid Edge
large assembly technology helps users to work with large
assemblies on a real-time basis, taking automation and intuition
to a new level. Designers around the world can build
and visualize their designs far more quickly than ever before,
and minimize the need for costly physical prototypes, all by
using Solid Edge in their digital product development
Solid Edge Large Assembly capability:
Creates complete digital mockups with exact representations
of all components including tubes, pipes, wires, weldments
and sheet metal in a complete digital mockup that
allows for more accurate design, analysis, assembly instructions
and customer reviews, reducing costly prototypes.
Handles massive assembly size with structured storage
techniques for memory management that enable Solid Edge
to activate parts only as required, to allow creation of
massive assemblies (and their associated drawings) of
unprecedented size for mainstream modelers. Auto simplification
of large assemblies, paired with fast drawing view
performance, enables design and documentation of digital
Uses intelligent systems design applications to do more
than just simple assembly placement. By capturing and
adding mechanical and physical properties to create realistic
models and emulate real-world situations, critical relationships
are captured and re-used. Material is automatically
added or removed from related components to ensure
correct placement, speeding up design tasks.
Allows bottom-up (by assembling existing components) or
top-down (from conceptual layouts) design with the flexibility
to design the way users want to. With Solid Edge, users
design in context, working within the assembly to complete
designs of parts and subassemblies.
Provides the flexibility to create a product structure
before creating files and deciding their position, allowing
engineers to design more efficiently. A unique hybrid 2D/3D
approach to design means engineers create virtual product
structures using Zero D to mix and match real and virtual
components with 2D sketches and 3D parts.
Sets the standard for fast productive 2D drawing views,
often the Achilles heals of many other 3D modelers. Solid
Edge brings 2D and 3D together to provide speed and
control of 2D drawing view generation and detailing for the
most complex of assemblies.
Tracks various versions and states, keeping all associated
assemblies and BOMs in synch with design changes and
eliminating the need to manually create multiple versions,
allowing engineers to Design with Insight.
Designed for engineers by engineers, Solid Edge provides 3D
assembly design and management tools to build complete
digital mockups, saving time and reducing costly physical
prototypes. Flexible design tools deliver top-down and
bottom-up design. Hybrid 2D/3D allows an alternative design
approach that mixes real and virtual components with 2D
and 3D parts. From project planning, through layout and
design to manufacturing drawings, Solid Edge Large
Assemblies compresses the whole design cycle and increases

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