How to Create a Top Down Assembly

How to Create a Top Down Assembly

Solid Edge offers two options for assembly designing and layout: top-down design and bottom-up design. Top-down assembly modeling is an assembly-centric method, which starts at the highest level possible and individual parts and sub-assemblies are defined within the context of the overall assembly.

Design with freedom and agility

Synchronous technology in Solid Edge makes creating and editing 3D CAD models easier than ever. Our software combines the speed and simplicity of traditional direct modeling approaches to product development, with the flexibility and control of parametric design.

Solid Edge allows you to rapidly create new concept designs, easily respond to change requests, and make simultaneous updates to multiple parts within your assemblies. With this design flexibility, you can eliminate cumbersome preplanning and avoid feature failures, rebuild issues, and time-consuming rework. In addition, the power of synchronous technology also allows you to treat multi-CAD data just like you would native files, supporting seamless collaboration with your suppliers and partners.

Leverage a proven solution for design and drafting

Solid Edge Design and Drafting is our basic 3D CAD and support package, with introductory part and assembly design, automated drawings, 3D print preparation and cloud-enabled productivity. Solid Edge is a comprehensive 3D design system that uses synchronous technology and convergent modeling to accelerate design, make revisions faster, and enable better re-use. With 3D CAD, simulation, and data management, Solid Edge helps you design better and complete projects faster.