Create a detailed 3D drawing

Create a detailed 3D drawing

Designing and drawing with 3D CAD saves you lots of time, facilitates better product visualization, and gives you the freedom to clearly communicate your designs downstream. But at the end of day, you still need to convey the design idea to the shop floor.

This video demonstrates how Solid Edge makes it easy to create the CAD drawings you need to do so.

Unlock the full potential of your 3D CAD drawing and drafting

Our basic 3D CAD and support package, with introductory part and assembly design, automated drawings, 3D print preparation and cloud-enabled productivity takes your 3D design process to the next level. Solid Edge uses synchronous technology and convergent modeling to accelerate design, make revisions faster, and enable better re-use.

With 3D CAD, simulation, and data management, Solid Edge helps companies design better and complete their projects faster.