Create a top-down assembly


Create a top-down assembly

Solid Edge for assembly modeling and management offers two options for assembly designing and layout:

  • Top-down: an assembly-centric method, which starts at the highest level possible and individual parts and sub-assemblies are defined within the context of the overall assembly.
  • Bottom-up: grassroots in nature, starting at lowest level possible and the assembly is defined in the context of the individual parts and sub-assembly relationships created along the way.

Bottom-up and top-down modeling in context

With Solid Edge, you can design the way you want to, whether bottom-up (by assembling existing components), or top-down (starting from a conceptual layout or by designing parts to fit into an existing assembly). A suite of assembly modeling commands and tools lets you use either approach associatively or non-associatively. Solid Edge’s unique synchronous technology helps you create and modify assemblies faster, using Boolean functions or simultaneous multi-part edits. No matter how your design begins, with Solid Edge you can work in the context of your assembly when creating or modifying components.

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