Design a sheet metal part

Design a sheet metal part

To meet unique sheet metal design challenges, like manufacturability, Solid Edge streamlines the entire sheet metal product development process, from CAD design through flat pattern and drawing development.

Develop sheet metal models with fewer steps

Effortlessly create sheet metal models from 2D sketches, and work directly with geometry. With synchronous technology in Solid Edge, unlike in history-based CAD, features can be edited independently. You can reorder, reorganize, and sort them by name or type.

Easily make changes at any stage in the design process

Easily make unplanned design changes to a sheet metal part or model while maintaining design intent. Unlike traditional CAD systems, Solid Edge doesn’t force edits down the tree in the order of creation, or the regeneration of unrelated features—so you can edit the first operation as fast as the last.

Seamlessly reuse supplier and legacy designs

Design and make edits to imported sheet metal parts as if they were native geometry—by simply dragging features like tabs or flanges—without remodeling.

Built-in design validation

Solid Edge provides unmatched model validation to ensure manufacturability and reduce the need for physical prototypes. Solid Edge includes design sensors that can automatically measure parameters, like the distance between bends, or calculate factors such as cost, variables, and surface area. And with scalable finite element capabilities, you can conduct simulations earlier in the design phase.