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6 Reasons to Switch to Solid Edge

Don’t waste time re-creating or duplicating lost work or waiting for your assembly to load. Solid Edge allows designers to seamlessly work across large assemblies on a real-time basis. Thanks to its high performance and seamless usability, designers realize productivity gains with Solid Edge as they work with their designs.

Easily exchange information between engineers, suppliers and manufacturers with a robust set of 2D and 3D drawing tools. Designers can create drawings directly using 2D workflows derived from 3D models or with a hybrid approach. With model-based definition (MBD) capabilities, the 3D models include PMI and other digital data using universal 3D PDFs. Users can access and view interactive representations of the manufacturing data.

Don’t compromise when it comes to sheet metal – Solid Edge provides sheet metal specific design features to allow you to easily add drawing details and automate calculations of material relief. Develop models from 2D sketches with fewer steps and make changes at every stage of the sheet metal design process, while maintaining design intent.

Don’t re-create 3D models to match data from scanners, printers, or finite element models. In conjunction with powerful 3D design tools, Solid Edge delivers smart functionality to work with mesh, or triangle-based data. Revise mesh density, fix and repair problems with faceted geometry, and even use feature-like operations to add holes, rounds, cuts, protrusions.

Bring easy-to-use, integrated industrial design tools to your mechanical engineers and incorporate aesthetic design into your product development process. Using subdivision modeling, Solid Edge provides advanced yet accessible industrial design capabilities. Designers can create complex and highly controlled aesthetic surfaces using Solid Edge’s intuitive subdivision modeling toolset. It is suitable for users with any CAD expertise level, allowing them to create highly stylized shapes with ease.

Solid Edge includes a predictive user interface powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It predicts what operations the you are likely to want next, offering a shortlist based on the previous usage, and increasing your productivity. Solid Edge intelligently learns your workflows to help you streamline the design process.

See Solid Edge in action

Faster assembly modeling

Experience faster performance and memory load time when developing large or complex assemblies.

Easily create advanced shapes

Subdivision modeling in Solid Edge allows you to accelerate concepts using stylized design to create distinctive products.

Solidworks migration tools

The SOLIDWORKS data migration tool maintains the native design intelligence within 3D models and their association to 2D drawings.

Solid Edge makes it easy to switch

Data migration tools to seamlessly move your data.

Local support partners ready to help.

A complete product development portfolio.

Parasolid Inside

The engine behind Solid Edge is Siemens Parasolid® software, the most widely used computer-aided geometric modeling kernel in the industry. Parasolid delivers 100 percent 3D model compatibility between product development applications. By enabling the creation and modification of digital 3D models, Solid Edge delivers on the Siemens commitment to provide digital transformation capabilities to its users. Digital transformation allows even the smallest organizations to leverage technology to level the playing field with large enterprises.

Flexible Licensing Options

A modular and scalable CAD application, Solid Edge is available in four different tiers, ranging from basic design and drafting capabilities to a premium version that includes capabilities for designing more advanced embedded systems. All tiers are available as a perpetual (permanent) license or by subscription (monthly or annual), with maintenance, support, and cloud-based-licensing options – the choice is yours.

Extending value

Solid Edge is a portfolio of affordable, easy to deploy, maintain and use software tools that advance all aspects of the product development process – mechanical and electrical design, simulation, manufacturing, technical documentation, data management and cloud-based collaboration. For information on other applications in the portfolio, visit siemens.com/solid-edge-portfolio.

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