Realistic 3D Rendering

A picture of your finished product can help you communicate your design to both internal and external stakeholders. The beauty of rendering is that you can generate realistic looking photo quality images before you even cut the first piece of material to manufacture your product.

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3D Rendering in Solid Edge


Seven Tips for Better 3D Rendering

3D rendering helps you communicate designs and get feedback before producing costly prototypes. Discover seven strategies to increase the realism of your 3D renders and make your models shine.

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3D Rendering

Drag-and-drop editing of materials, lighting and environments

KeyShot in Solid Edge makes 3D rendering easy–you can change materials, lighting and environments, by simply dragging and dropping from a huge library of optional materials, colors, lighting schemes, and backgrounds.

Save preferences for easy referencing

Save your favorite colors, materials and lighting into a custom folder for quick and easy access. These materials may be company standards, or just your personal preferences.

Create unmatched photo-realism with out-of-the-box settings

Add perspective, creating realism when generating photo quality images for marketing and packaging, with out of the box lighting schemes, spotlights to light up scenes, scattering medium such as fog and smoke, and matching environments for indoors, outdoors and studios. Render photo quality cutaway views which showcase the internal workings of design.

Use custom backgrounds to frame your products

Use your own custom background image to place your virtual product in a realistic environment—for example, in a consumer’s home, on your shop floor or in an artistic setting of your choice.

Expose hidden components with cut away geography

Keyshot 8.1 in Solid Edge can use geometry to cut through chosen parts in a design in order to expose hidden components, and bring realism to the inner working in your products.

We easily create professional 3D renders with complete control, thanks to Solid Edge. In the past, with an external company for 3D rendering, it took hours to communicate, days to get a response and weeks to get a finalized product. Now, without additional staff, we do the rendering in-house on our schedule.

Ricardo Espinosa, R&D Engineering Manager, Kimball


Bring your models to life with photo-realistic rendering

Solid Edge offers built-in rendering, allowing you to create photo-realistic images and animations from within the modeling environment.

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