Product Development Software for Aerospace Supply Chain Companies

Bring new concepts to market faster, meet regulatory pressures and deliver products with best-in-class performance characteristics.

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Overcoming Aerospace supply chain product development challenges

Meet OEM and regulatory demands with faster, flexible product development.

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Solid Edge helps Either Tech enter the Aerospace Market

Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions enable a parts manufacturer to increase productivity and part quality.

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When our engineers tested two methods for the same work piece, the time difference could be up to 20 minutes, so if we make 1,000 pieces a year, the difference would be 20,000 minutes.

Guo Ren-Chi, Deputy Manager Either Tech Co., Ltd.


Speeding product development for aerospace supply chain companies

Aerospace supply chain companies are facing an increasing number of demands, including cost pressures from aircraft manufacturers, shortened project timeframes and the need to prove compliance with industry regulations.

With limited resources compared to larger OEM counterparts, you need affordable, flexible and easy-to-implement software tools to help you meet these demands.

The Solid Edge portfolio of software tools addresses all aspects of the product development process, including 3D design, electrical design, simulation, manufacturing and data management.

Aerospace supply chain companies using these tools can:



3D CADで機械設計を加速。シンクロナス・テクノロジーによって履歴なしの3D設計が行えます。複雑な部品やアセンブリを素早く柔軟に設計できます。設計形状を直接扱い、即座に変更を反映

設計意図の可視化。3Dレンダリングを使って製品案の画像やアニメーションを写真のようにリアルに作成できます。新製品の価値を見込み顧客に伝えられます。拡張現実 (AR) を使うことで、設計を実際の環境に当てはめて検証できます。






Create unique products based on organic shapes. Develop distinctive products using subdivision modeling technology without the need for expert knowledge. Solid Edge offers advanced capabilities for shape creation, manipulation, and analysis, with intuitive freeform modeling tools that create stylized shapes.






Solid Edgeは、3D CAD、シミュレーション、電気設計、製造、データ管理機能など、航空宇宙サプライチェーン向けの使いやすい設計ソリューションを統合したポートフォリオを手頃な価格で提供し、新たな課題に対処できるよう支援します。

Digitalize product development to create best-in-class products

Siemens Solid Edge creates 3D digital models of products, which can be used throughout the product development lifecycle—from concept design to virtual prototyping through to manufacturing. Also known as “digital twins,” these models are digital representations of your product. Digitalization enables optimization of both the product development process and the final product.

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