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Overcoming Aerospace supply chain product development challenges

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Solid Edge helps Either Tech enter the Aerospace Market

Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions enable a parts manufacturer to increase productivity and part quality.

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When our engineers tested two methods for the same work piece, the time difference could be up to 20 minutes, so if we make 1,000 pieces a year, the difference would be 20,000 minutes.

Guo Ren-Chi, Deputy Manager Either Tech Co., Ltd.


Speeding product development for aerospace supply chain companies

Aerospace supply chain companies are facing an increasing number of demands, including cost pressures from aircraft manufacturers, shortened project timeframes and the need to prove compliance with industry regulations.

With limited resources compared to larger OEM counterparts, you need affordable, flexible and easy-to-implement software tools to help you meet these demands.

The Solid Edge portfolio of software tools addresses all aspects of the product development process, including 3D design, electrical design, simulation, manufacturing and data management.

Aerospace supply chain companies using these tools can:

实现工程过程的数字化。让整个产品开发流程数字化并转变业务模式。通过 3D 数字化模型简化工程过程。在整个产品开发生命周期中赋予 3D 模型更多智能。

通过下一代设计提高生产率。采用逆向工程创建现有设计的数字化表示。使用装配建模管理大型装配,最多可以管理 100,000 个零件。通过创成式设计优化产品。

凭借 3D CAD 加快机械设计。使用无历史记录的 3D CAD 同步建模技术。快速灵活地设计复杂的零件和装配。直接处理设计几何体并立即进行更改。

设计意图可视化。借助 3D 渲染为目标产品创建照片般真实的图像和动画。向潜在客户宣传新产品的价值。使用增强现实在真实世界设置中验证设计。

融合机电设计工作。使用行业认可的布线和线束设计功能,创建完全可工作、可加工的设计。帮助电气和机械工程师进行无缝 ECAD-MCAD 协同。

准备 3D 打印设计。使用最新的增材制造3D 打印技术创建产品,同时支持端到端工作流。

轻松制作钣金模型。通过 2D 草图创建 3D 钣金模型。使用改进的放样弯边和折弯凸缘止裂槽之类特有功能,构建复杂模型。



Create unique products based on organic shapes. Develop distinctive products using subdivision modeling technology without the need for expert knowledge. Solid Edge offers advanced capabilities for shape creation, manipulation, and analysis, with intuitive freeform modeling tools that create stylized shapes.

实现 3D 文档无纸化。通过基于模型的定义使用添加标注的 3D 模型而非 2D 图纸更加高效地沟通并降低制造成本。节省文档编制时间。

验证并改进产品性能。通过使用虚拟原型和新式集成运动和振动仿真的可扩展仿真工具,验证并改进产品性能。借助 XLIFF 语言翻译可在全球范围内沟通数字化设计文档。


简化数据重用和迁移。简化其他 CAD 解决方案中 3D 模型和 2D 图纸的重用和迁移。保持 3D 模型智能和 2D 图纸关联性。

轻松安全地管理数据。通过可扩展数据管理解决方案高效安全地搜索、管理和共享产品数据。借助内置数据管理Teamcenter 集成满足所有制造商的需求。

凭借 3D CAD、仿真、电气设计、制造和数据管理功能,Solid Edge 提供了经济实惠且易于使用的集成式航空航天供应链解决方案产品组合,可帮助您从容应对新的挑战。

Digitalize product development to create best-in-class products

Siemens Solid Edge creates 3D digital models of products, which can be used throughout the product development lifecycle—from concept design to virtual prototyping through to manufacturing. Also known as “digital twins,” these models are digital representations of your product. Digitalization enables optimization of both the product development process and the final product.

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