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CAM NC Simulation

Solid Edge manufacturing solutions include comprehensive machine simulation for machine motion analysis and clash detection—helping to ensure safety and avoiding expensive mistakes in the machining process.

Integrated machine tool simulation in Solid Edge CAM Pro helps you avoid tying up a machine in unproductive prove-outs. Machine simulation CAM Express provides accurate machine simulation by using the actual G-codes for simulation rather than the internal toolpath representation.


Machining simulation

The integrated machining simulation in Solid Edge CAM Pro eliminates the need for separate external software for this task.

Machine code driven simulation

Simulation is driven by the output from the postprocessor, ensuring that all the motion of the final program is available for review.

Simultaneous display

Review simultaneous metal removal with a live toolpath in the context of a full machine tool simulation, with dynamic pan and zoom of the view.

Collision detection

The system checks for actual or near collisions between the part, the in-process work piece, tooling and fixtures and the machine tool structure.

No need for duplication

There is no need to transfer data to a separate system—it’s all inside Solid Edge CAM Pro, saving time and reducing errors.

On-machine probing

Available on-machine probing cycles are simulated with solid tools for full visualization.

CAD Neutral

Solid Edge CAM Pro is designed to be used independently of any specific CAD system. It has key industry translators for data import.

Integrated with Solid Edge

Solid Edge CAM Pro is also available for integrated use with Solid Edge.

With this simulation capability, we see the machine’s toolpath and the actual form of the product after cutting while simultaneously checking whether there are any issues with the programming and parameter setting.

Kao Shengkun, R&D Engineer, Hung Chun Bio-S Co., Ltd.


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