Wiring and Harness Design in Solid Edge 2019

Wiring and Harness Design in Solid Edge 2019

Wiring Design

Wiring Design tools in Solid Edge provide you with rapid and intuitive electrical circuit design using industry-proven tools that simulate and verify electrical behavior as your designs are created. Our graphical authoring environment creates wiring diagrams via an intuitive user interface and built-in intelligent libraries of electrical symbols, components, and simulation models. Simulation highlights design challenges such as short and open circuits, voltage drop, fusing, and wire sizing errors. Our tools automate standards-based diagram generation and cross-referencing for multi-sheet schematics, and automatically generate reports.

Solid Edge Wiring Design

Harness Design

Solid Edge Harness Design 2019

Harness Design in Solid Edge is a best-in-class design application for in-house production or build-to-print purposes. Our solution accelerates your design time and automate steps in the harness design process using industry-proven harness design and engineering tools.

Watch the video or download the white paper to learn more about Solid Edge Wiring and Harness Design.