What is Synchronous Technology?


What is Synchronous Technology?

Synchronous technology enables you to rapidly create new concept designs, easily respond to change requests, and make simultaneous updates to multiple parts within an assembly.

Re-using designs, working with imported data, making changes — synchronous technology helps you do the things you do all the time — faster and easier.

Synchronous Technology

Benefits of synchronous technology

We’re all familiar with the traditional modeling approaches — history-based and direct — and the pros and cons of each paradigm. But what if there was a way to combine the best aspects of each modeling approach, so that you could design with the speed and simplicity of direct modeling, and the control and intelligence of history-based design?

There is a way: synchronous technology in Solid Edge.

Synchronous technology in Solid Edge allows you to rapidly create new concept designs, easily respond to change requests, and make simultaneous updates to multiple parts within an assembly. With this design flexibility, you can eliminate cumbersome pre-planning and avoid feature failures, rebuild issues, and time-consuming rework.

The power of synchronous technology allows you to treat multi-CAD data just like native files, supporting seamless collaboration with suppliers and partners.

But buyer beware—while many vendors claim to offer “flexible” modeling or a “combination of direct and feature-based modeling”, not all versions of this approach are created equally. We’ll show you how to make sure you understand how the vendors you are evaluating are providing this capability and the implications of that approach.

Synchronous technology lets you concentrate on design instead of the CAD application. It means you spend a larger portion of your work time designing products. Isn’t that what your career is supposed to be all about? With more of the non-value added activities out of the way, you get more of your personal time back.

What you’ll learn

In this eBook, you’ll learn about synchronous technology, what today’s users think about it, and areas synchronous technology can save you time and money:

  • Fast and flexible design creation
  • Quick response to late-stage design changes
  • Seamless editing of imported 3D CAD data
  • Improved design re-use from other 3D CAD models
  • Simultaneous editing of multiple parts in an assembly
  • Easier simulation preparation

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