Unique simulation of engineering in small and medium sized companies

Unique simulation of engineering in small and medium sized companies

Production simulation has come a long way

Production simulation has developed considerably in the last decades. Today, manufacturers are able to put together complex 3D simulations and accurate material flow calculations with moderate levels of technical expertise. In a recent webcast, Chad Jackson from Lifecycle Insights discusses the 3D simulation market for engineering in small and medium size companies.

Huge potential for small and medium sized companies

The emergence of the Digital Factory had a big impact on production planning. Manufacturers could, for the first time, make throughput calculations and 3D manufacturing plans virtually, without full-on physical testing. The Digital Factory had limitations, however. The methods could only be used by large companies that had the means to acquire such expertise. Even then, it was mostly large projects spanning over several years that were important enough for simulation.

According Jackson, it is the SMEs that can most benefit from simulation software. With fewer manual resources, the potential benefits are proportionally bigger the smaller the company.

Solid Edge provides 3D simulation software tools that can be used by anyone. “One of the really limiting factors in using simulation for small companies has always been the level of engineering knowledge needed to use these tools,” Jackson says.

From vision to mainstream

Today, manufacturing simulation in small and medium sized companies has reached the mainstream and simulation software is used far and wide. In that respect, our vision for 3D simulation for everyone has come true.

“Very often our newer clients have already been using some software for simulation. So to some extent companies know to look for solutions like this,” Jackson says.

“However, over the years we have developed our products beyond just basic simulation capabilities. Our clients and partners are usually stunned by what we can provide with our technology compared to anything they have been using before.”

Looking forward, simulation technology is projected to be used in every industry sector. “3D simulation has much to offer no matter what the industry is. Also, I believe we are moving away from using CAD when it comes to designers and engineers visualizing their solutions.”

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