Solid Edge Teamcenter Integration

Solid Edge Teamcenter Integration

The Teamcenter® integration for Solid Edge (Solid Edge Embedded Client) allows you to reduce your product development cycle times and costs by enhancing your Solid Edge environment to provide a single source of product data for your design and manufacturing teams. The integration provides access to a full range of product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities to further optimize your design-through-manufacturing processes.

Key benefits

  • Integrate all of your technical data to provide a single source of product information
  • Spend less time finding the correct revisions of your Solid Edge data
  • Accelerate your product change and approval processes, reducing time-to-market
  • Facilitate consistent work processes across all data formats, reducing errors and rework


  • Access Teamcenter and Teamcenter Rapid Start capabilities directly from Solid Edge
  • Create and edit Solid Edge parts, drawings and assemblies under Teamcenter control
  • Create and manage new revisions and versions of Solid Edge parts, drawings and assemblies
  • Automatically create lightweight JT visualization files for Solid Edge parts
  • Synchronize Solid Edge document properties with Teamcenter attributes
  • Facilitate integrated product structure management
  • Streamlined access to product and process data using embedded Active Workspace interface
  • Leverage synchronized releases of Solid Edge and the Solid Edge Embedded Client to ensure that Teamcenter users can quickly move to the latest Solid Edge release
  • Improve collaboration within your organization and with customers and suppliers