Improved design reuse from other 3D CAD Models

Improved design reuse from other 3D CAD Models

With Solid Edge synchronous technology, you can easily reuse 3D design detail from other models, saving you time and effort when creating new designs. With just a simple copy and paste, Solid Edge allows you to transfer design detail from one project to another, and treats files in other CAD formats just like they were native Solid Edge files.

Combine the power of traditional modeling with flexible, intelligent design technology

Solid Edge combines all of the power of traditional modeling tools (which use the history-based approach) with a suite of hyper-intelligent parametric (direct) modeling tools that give you a less structured, but more efficient way to create, edit, and adapt geometry in your 3D models. Solid Edge makes it not about using one or the other, but about choosing the best approach for the task at hand.

Solid Edge makes reusing CAD designs more flexible, particularly for users who are working in a top-down design environment. Solid Edge ST10, our latest release, includes a powerful arsenal of intelligent tools, such as building product structures before adding geometry, for example.

Among the many assembly modeling updates in ST10, we have made it possible that you can now take a sketch from pretty much anywhere in an assembly and reuse it in your current task. That’s irrespective of where the sketch is in the assembly hierarchy, which is perfect for making sure components fit together. It’s a valuable extension of tools introduced in the last release that allow you to reference 3D geometry in a similar way in your 3D CAD models.