Design for Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing

How can you optimize your design process to improve your performance, quality and efficiency in manufacturing?

The importance of checking designs for manufacturability cannot be overestimated. Meeting project schedules, achieving a high level of quality management, controlling production costs and improving innovation all hinge in part on getting designs right the first time. We want to show you what trends in manufacturing you need to be aware of and what design criteria is important to guarantee the success of your business!

What are the critical factors for successful design for manufacturing?

Design for manufacturing plays an important role during the designing phase of the product, this is when essential production-related aspects of the product are defined. However, manufacturing aspects must also be considered in the conception phase.

The basic requirement for the implementation of design for manufacturing methods is the exact knowledge of the applicable manufacturing processes. Not only the available machinery should be considered, but also the possibility of outsourcing or procuring additional equipment. A critical factor for a successfully implemented design for manufacturing strategy is also inclusion and support of other departments, such as standards department, work preparation, costing, purchasing and the respective production site, in the earliest possible design phase.

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3D Printing: Quick tips for going from CAD design to printed object

Download this eBook to learn design tricks for 3D printing, post-design steps and how your traditional approach to design and manufacture needs to change for this medium.

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DiaCom Case Study

DiaCom costumer success story

When the industrial diaphragm maker decided to move from 2D to 3D CAD, they realized that it would be necessary to take a look at the manufacturing process as well. Read how DiaCom achieved smooth integration of CAD and CAM functionalities in one single system.

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Solid Edge 2019: State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities

Our CAM solution is tightly integrated into the CAD environment, which makes it easy to send single files or a whole manufacturing assembly. As PMIs still maintain associations to the original assembly also late design changes are no problem.

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Four success criteria for production-oriented design



Consult with manufacturing experts on your design.  Lowering manufacturing costs is never easier than at the design stage.



Use manufacturing-compliant materials if possible, which determines manufacturing processes and means, materials management and quality control.



Know the manufacture process to reduce costs. For example, 3D printing may enable one monolithic part design instead of manufacturing multiple components.



Use standard parts or components. This will reduce the cost of new designs, while improving inventory management and time-to-market.

Of course there are many things to consider when talking about an optimal design for manufacturing process. Not only your software tools have to be excellent allowing you to design and manufacture as flexible, effective and innovative as possible. In addition, you should also take a look at the manufacturing steps. Avoid plenty of cost intensive machine changes and rather try to carry out as many processing steps as possible in one set-up.

Customer Success Story

Optimizing CAD/CAM Process

The combination of design and manufacturing capabilities in a single solution has provided a seamless transfer of tool design communication between the design group and the shopfloor.

Mike Grywalski, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, DiaCom Corporation

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