Design for Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing

How can you optimize your design process to improve your performance, quality and efficiency in manufacturing?

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Why is design for manufacturing so important?

The importance of checking designs for manufacturability cannot be overestimated. Meeting project schedules, achieving a high level of quality management, controlling production costs and improving innovation all hinge in part on getting designs right the first time. In fact, according to Wohlers Industry Report, a small engineering change that could cost $100 or less in the concept phase, could balloon to over $1 million if design changes need to be made once the product is in the field.

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Four success criteria for production-oriented design



Consult with manufacturing experts on your design.  Lowering manufacturing costs is never easier than at the design stage.



Use manufacturing-compliant materials if possible, which determines manufacturing processes and means, materials management and quality control.



Know the manufacture process to reduce costs. For example, 3D printing may enable one monolithic part design instead of manufacturing multiple components.



Use standard parts or components. This will reduce the cost of new designs, while improving inventory management and time-to-market.


Find out how 3D printing will change design for manufacturing

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Design Challenges for 3D Print & Additive Manufacturing