Accelerating 2D to 3D migration

Venture Products | USA

Accelerating 2D to 3D migration

Customer Story: Venture Products

Ready to try 3D CAD? It’s easier than you think.

Solid Edge provides you with the tools to evolve to 3D naturally. With interactive 2D-to-3D migration wizards, you can quickly turn your 2D drawings into intelligent 3D models for use in assemblies or downstream operations. Solid Edge gives you the flexibility to mix-and-match 2D and 3D representations of parts, and add 3D detail only when required. This approach allows you to make the transition from 2D to full 3D design at your own pace, while giving you the immediate benefits of 3D model creation.

Solid Edge makes it easy to move from 2D drawings to 3D models

See how easy it can be to move to 3D CAD – and how it leads to fewer physical prototypes and faster time-to-market.

Easily Share Information

2D drawings can be hard for customers and your shop floor to read. See how 3D models allow users to easily visualize designs.

Improve Assembly Design

See how parts fit together in assemblies, and how Solid Edge helps you quickly detect and fix clash and interference issues.

Impress Your Customers

Learn how you can create realistic renderings of your design for use in advertising or customer presentations, before the first prototype is made.