Solid Edge Videos

Solid Edge Design

Sheet Metal Straight Brake
Solid Edge Design Mobility
Pipe and Tube Routing
Sheet Metal Enclosure Design
Standard and Catalog Parts
Solid Edge Keyshot Integration
Complex Shapes
Electrical Routing

Solid Edge Synchronous Technology

Editing Imported 3D Data
Quick Response to Late-stage Design Changes
Simultaneous Editing of Multiple Parts in an Assembly
Improved Design Re-use from Other 3D CAD Models

Solid Edge Manufacturing

CAM Express
CAMWorks for Solid Edge

Solid Edge Data Management

Built-in Solid Edge Data Management
Solid Edge and Teamcenter Rapid Start

Solid Edge Customer Successes

Improving design speed and re-use
Winning races through better design with Solid Edge
Shrinking industrial food processing equipment design time
Carving on the Edge