Next Generation Design in Solid Edge

Next Generation Design in Solid Edge

Solid Edge Next Generation Design modules provide integrated access to today’s hottest 3D design technologies.

Our solutions allow you to visualize and validate your product designs working with mesh. This is one way to simplify and speed your workflow process. A rematch command allows the redefinition of part designs, and to then reduce the file size while maintaining the part shape, making working with parts significantly faster. Mesh holes that result from the scanning process can easily be closed, and then automatically defined as a solid body.

Next Generation Design technology fuels in Solid Edge 2020

Solid Edge provides users with the ability to make mesh models more useful in the design workflow by automatically recognizing planar and cylindrical surfaces. In the video, we demonstrate scanning models can end up offsetting them from the part origin. This can be easily rectified with new alerts and commands in Solid Edge 2020.

Thanks to our cutting-edge convergent modeling technology, cuts may be created directly on the mesh model. Convergent modeling allows mesh models to be seamlessly integrated into the design workflow, and to coexist with regular B-rep models.

Our solution allows users to add a mesh model into an assembly, making use of regular assembly relationships. The virtual part works and behaves just like a regular part. This allows the user to position it in the desired location very easily to finish up their assembly design.

We leverage game-changing innovation and technology such as convergent modeling and synchronous technology to deliver a fast, reliable design process that no one else can match.