Solid Edge CAM Pro

Solid Edge CAM Pro

In this video, you’ll see how Solid Edge CAM Pro in Solid Edge can help increase productivity and improve your workflow.

Delivering machine tool value

Formerly known as CAM Express, Solid Edge CAM Pro is the perfect CAM companion to Solid Edge. Solid Edge CAM Pro is built on the powerful NX CAM platform, so it has over 30 years of successful development and customer use behind it.

For over a decade, we marketed and sold CAM Express. Designed as a CAD-neutral CAM system that can import models and assemblies in almost every CAD format, CAM Express did a great job for us. However, we’ve recently begun rapidly building out the Solid Edge portfolio to satisfy the needs of our customers. Because of our strong focus on our entire portfolio, bringing our CAM product in line name-wise was a natural decision.

Key capabilities of Solid Edge CAM Pro

Unlike many CAM systems available today, Solid Edge CAM Pro is capable of doing more than one thing extremely well.

  • 5-Axis
  • 3-Axis
  • 5-Axis
  • 3+2
  • Turning
  • Mill-turn
  • Turn-mill
  • Wire EDM

In addition, Solid Edge CAM Pro also provides users with an abundance of tools.

Looking to perform Feature-Based Machining? Solid Edge has one of the most advanced FBM systems on the market today. Looking to customize and automate your interface? That’s now possible in Solid Edge, and it’s a proven strategy to increase productivity.

Despite the massive spike in functionality, our software remains accessible and easy to use.

  • 15 built-in tutorials to get new users up-to-speed quickly
  • Dialogs have pop-up graphics to help you decide which option to choose
  • Previews of cut area are available for most operation types
  • Command Finder allows you to type in a command, then leads you to it

Flexible configuration made-to-fit

Solid Edge CAM Pro can be purchased as a stand-alone application, or combined with Solid Edge. The bundle packages not only save you money, they also provide two seats of productivity – your design engineers can be using CAD while your CAM engineers are using CAM – Solid Edge does not restrict you to a single CAD solution like other software vendors.