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CADENAS is a developer of standard software that specializes in parts management and process chain optimization for companies.

Since 1992, the name CADENAS (Spanish: chain link) stands for innovation, success and creativity in software development, as well as consulting in parts management projects. We’re an independent software supplier whose solutions are used by customers worldwide. This success is due to high quality products, long term relationships, and the expertise of our employees.


Our Software PARTsolutions part catalog management complements PDM by enhancing the management of 3D part catalogs with the aim of enabling parts or commodity reuse. By enabling configuration of 3D parts in native CAD formats within a larger PDM context, PARTsolutions allows designers the confidence to find, reuse, and control standard parts more effectively. The reuse provided by CAD-native 3D part catalogs can be expected to reduce both IT management costs and overall product costs, including design, manufacturing, and support costs.


PARTsolutions/professional provides design teams centralized access to your 3D standard part catalogs stored in PARTsolutions to make it ease to find, reuse, and control standard parts. PARTsolutions 3D Part Catalog Management plugs into your CAD system, to ensure standard Part reuse, part consolidation, and part compliance, all while minimizing the IT management required to manage standard part catalogs

In today’s competitive business environment, your customers demand an endless array of configurable and custom products. Allowing your customers to download the 3D CAD parts directly into their designs is no longer a bonus – it is a requirement. PARTsolutions enables you to host your configurable product catalog on-line to make it easy for your customers and prospects to “Design In” your products to their designs, while business intelligence tools generate valuable sales leads and marketing.

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