Design Data Management

White Paper

Design Data Management

In this white paper by Tech-Clarity, you’ll discover how top performers are managing data and the immense challenges that come with developing complex products.

Design data maturity improves profitability

Products are becoming increasingly complex. With more complexity, comes more risk to design productivity that manufacturing companies of all sizes have to manage.

Leading companies are taking advantage of design data management solutions to manage the emerging threats that come with increasing product complexity. Top-performing companies are using structured, collaborative solutions like PDM and PLM. Even if these tools are not within reach, companies can achieve productivity and business performance advantages using simpler solutions.

Extend design data management at every level

Companies are extending design data management in many ways, for example, by following more formal data management processes, by using capabilities integrated into their CAD tool, and by taking advantage of cloud-based file sharing services. Companies that do this successfully are able to leverage their data foundation to focus more on building better end products.

Solid Edge contains a scalable CAD data solution that meets the needs of all manufacturers, from startups and small firms, to large manufacturers with distributed operations.