Turning 2D into 3D

Turning 2D into 3D

Solid Edge gives you the flexibility to work in 2D and 3D at the same time, allowing you to make the transition gradually. In this video, you’ll discover how Solid Edge allows for you to easily convert 2D drawings into 3D renderings in four easy steps.

1. Get the job done today, while transitioning to 3D on your own terms

Solid Edge reads and writes your existing 2D files using translation wizards for full control of drawing styles, dimensions, fonts and layers. Solid Edge includes exceptional 2D drafting capabilities, with powerful tools for view creation and annotation that automatically comply with global standards.

2. Turn simple 2D geometry into real 3D parts

Use the Solid Edge 2D to 3D migration wizard to quickly turn 2D drawings into intelligent 3D models for use in assemblies or downstream operations.

3. Apply the power of a hybrid 2D/3D design workflow

Solid Edge provides an industry-leading 2D/3D hybrid approach to design that provides the ability to create assembly layouts (as well as parts) for new designs, using familiar 2D layout concepts.

4. Full 3D virtual mock-ups

When you are ready, make use of the workflows you have learned and the data you created to move to the productive world of 3D.