Greenpower: A Momentous Race

Greenpower: A Momentous Race


The Greenpower program and curriculum were developed to advance education in the subjects of engineering and technology for young people, ages 9 to 25. This is achieved through a unique hands-on project that enables students to design, build and race electric cars. As the title sponsor, Siemens is proud to support Greenpower and provides Solid Edge software to participating schools and students free of charge. 

Below you will find a link to download Solid Edge software, as well as several tutorials and resources to ensure your success in the Greenpower program.


STEM Project Curriculum 

Students are introduced to the Greenpower Challenge with activities including the development of a feasibility study for their school’s participation in the project. The Greenpower Challenge, an international STEM initiative of The Greenpower Education Trust, is supported by Siemens and promotes sustainable engineering to young people.

Greenpower Challenge F24 kit-car

Greenpower F24 kit-car (split-chassis)

Students can download the Greenpower F24 kit-car. The Solid Edge part and assembly files contained in this zip file include all the parts that make up the Formula 24 kit car including the rolling chassis, batteries and motor. 

Disclaimer: The files have been created in Solid Edge (ST9) to help teams using the Formula 24 kit-car and every attempt has been made to ensure the geometric accuracy of each component. However, it is the responsibility of users to check and validate the accuracy of each component for use in the development and production of their Greenpower vehicle. 

Assembly Guide

Greenpower Assembly Guide

This online assembly guide provides an easy to follow step-by-step guide to help students assemble the Greenpower Formula 24 kit car. This online guide includes assembly instructions, pictures, animations, parts list, and a list of required tools. The assembly guide can be used in conjunction with the Solid Edge model of the kit car (see above) and the Solid Edge mobile viewer, providing students with an interactive 3D model of the kit car.

Formula 24 Steering Geometry

Greenpower - Formula 24 Steering Geometry

This tutorial introduces students to key principles of automotive steering geometry such as caster, camber, tracking or toe, and Ackermann. Using Solid Edge and components of the F24 kit-car dataset, students can explore and understand the key aspects of wheel alignment and steering geometry.

Greenpower Formula 24 kit-car body

This self-paced, step-by-step Solid Edge tutorial guides students through the process of designing a set of body panels for the Greenpower Formula 24 kit car.  Solid Edge drawings of the flattened panels provide templates for fabricating the body panels from corrugated plastic sheet.  This is a great tutorial to get started with both Solid Edge and the Greenpower Challenge.

Greenpower Steering Wheel 

Greenpower Steering Wheel Project

This STEM project includes comprehensive presentations, classroom material and step-by-step tutorials for a steering wheel design project. This project is suitable for all schools including those taking part in the Greenpower Challenge. 

STEM classroom lectures 

STEM classroom lectures

This collection of four classroom lectures address key areas of the STEM curriculum in secondary education. Developed by teachers for teachers these lectures include classroom presentations, teacher notes, student activity sheets and homework tasks.