Five Things You Didn’t Know About Engineers


Five Things You Didn’t Know About Engineers

There are so many things you probably didn’t know about engineers. The same goes for most people. There’s so much to be learned about the engineering profession by people of all ages.

STEM is not only important in terms of the advancing our society, but it also has a great job outlook in terms of career growth and salary. The value of an engineering degree is as much about empowering a young engineer to make our world a better place as the calculus class that keeps her up late every night.

We need to support and encourage young people, especially women and girls, to build the math, science and engineering skills they need to be successful engineers. We also need to help them develop a deep understanding of those skills as tools for building a better engineered world. As we tell multifaceted stories about the engineering profession, we find that a much larger and more diverse set of young minds identify themselves as engineers.

Watch this video by We Are Teachers to learn more about the things you didn’t know about engineers. Start encouraging the young people in your life to think like an engineer. You can help them build their engineering skills using our project-based challenges and free Solid Edge software.