Electrical Design in Solid Edge 2019

Electrical Design in Solid Edge 2019

The rise of more sophisticated and more intelligent products means efficient electro-mechanical design has never been more key. Solid Edge Electrical Design addresses this challenges.

Our solution contains a suite of applications for the design, simulation, and manufacturing of electromechanical systems and wiring harnesses. Solid Edge helps you overcome complex electromechanical design challenges, enabling true co-design collaboration across both electrical and mechanical domains. Based on industry-leading technology from Mentor Graphics, a Siemens business, our solutions and products are trusted and proven around the world.

Key trends in electrical design

Products designs are becoming more complex. Technological advancement, increasing safety and environmental mandates, and escalating consumer demand for advanced features and functionality is placing tremendous stress on both design and manufacturing processes. This is having a detrimental effect on a manufacturer’s bottom line.

Products must be optimized faster than ever before. Achieving first-pass success co-design has long been recognized as a potential enabler to increasing productivity and ensuring a robust design. With modern CAD tools, designers are able to synchronize their data more efficiently and collaborate more effectively on critical design items between domains.

Downstream collaboration across disciplines is more important than ever. The days of throwing designs ‘over the wall’ and then waiting for physical prototypes to see if the product works are gone. A tightly integrated electromechanical solution enables true co-design across disciplines, freeing engineers to innovate, as the impact of a change can be assessed in both domains.