Digital Transformation: Opportunities for Small and Midsize Manufacturers


Digital Transformation: Opportunities for Small and Midsize Manufacturers

Digital Transformation is creating a world where India’s small and medium business (SMBs) get an equal chance to compete with larger players. How can smaller manufacturers effectively use digital tools to improve their products, and the way they work?

In this episode, presented by Siemens Digital Industries Software and Manufacturing Today, in conjunction with media partner CNN News 18, a panel of representatives discuss the opportunities available to small and medium manufacturers in India.

Learn how technology adds value to each of the stages of product development – through concept, design, manufacturing, production and end of life. How does the virtual representation of the product — or digital twin — improve outcomes at each stage? And what resources can companies take advantage of to help them in their transformation journey?

Watch the full episode now (22 minutes 46 seconds)

Digital Transformation enabled by Solid Edge

Solid Edge brings Digital Transformation to small and medium businesses by giving you access to the latest next generation tools in a flexible, affordable way. We enable you to meet increasing pressures — creating innovative products that cost less and get to market first — without adding resources. With digital transformation, even the smallest organizations can leverage technology to level the playing field with large enterprises.

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