Design Intent Recognition

Design Intent Recognition

For designers and engineers, models can relay intended design and meaningful relationships. Models are not merely a series of extrudes, holes, and cuts with dimensions to place them. In the CAD universe this is referred to as “Design Intent” – the intelligence that designers build into models so changes can be made predictably.

Explore the Solid Edge Design Intent panel

Design Intent and Advanced Design Intent panels in Solid Edge are the two tools that together reveal the true power of synchronous technology. Synchronous technology in Solid Edge recognizes and maintains design intent, providing users sensible and predictable changes during all phases of product development, and allowing for faster revisions.

Synchronous technology recognizes design intent from non-native CAD files, by using face relationships to control the model behavior when editing faces and dimensions.

On selecting a face, the Design Intent panel opens with options that allow you to control intent previously built into the model. Using the options, you can decide how much is preserved or ignored as you make an edit. In most cases, invoking the Design Intent dialog is all that is needed to see how the system applied its relationships. The dialog displays the current rules that all of these technologies found associated with a selected geometry. Users can quickly override rules the system has found by toggling on or off any design intent rules.