Complex Shape Modeling for Consumer Durables

Complex Shape Modeling for Consumer Durables

In this video, you’ll learn how Solid Edge handles complex shape modeling for consumer durables.

Design consumer durables faster than ever before

Consumer durables producers need to be able to rapidly introduce new products to meet customer demands for the latest in good-looking, ergonomic, and reliable products. Manufacturers need to easily create physical and virtual prototypes to validate designs and perform compliance testing.

Solid Edge for Consumer Durables provides professional, easy-to-use solutions for consumer durables design that help meet these needs. Using Solid Edge, regardless of your size as a consumer durables manufacturer, you can improve your design and development processes and rapidly introduce new products, enabling you to increase your cash flow and profit margins.

The Solid Edge Advantage

Solid Edge not only puts you in a position to design consumer durables and domestic appliances faster, but it also helps your company flourish in a dynamic business environment with:

  • Rapid concept design
  • Fast modeling of complex, curved shapes
  • Integration of electrical and electronic components
  • Virtual testing and validation of parts and assemblies
  • Photorealistic image and animation creation
  • Accurate, timely supply of information to manufacturing
  • Definition and control of machining and fabrication
  • 3D assembly modeling for installation, maintenance and user manuals
  • Scalable data management of CAD files and technical data