Built-in Solid Edge Data Management

Built-in Solid Edge Data Management

Managing the high volume of design data created when developing and manufacturing products is difficult. Large and small organizations alike require a scalable CAD data management solution to improve product development performance and remain agile in today’s complex product development environment.

Solid Edge Data Management provides organizations with a suite of powerful capabilities:

  • Secure and control your product data and processes
  • Enable rapid retrieval of the correct information to improve efficiency and facilitate reuse
  • Share product information and collaborate with downstream functions
  • Follow industry best practice workflows for engineering change and release to manufacturing

World-class companies have effective data management capabilities

Effective data management is an important enabler for designing and developing profitable products. Companies with world-class performance have highly effective data management capabilities. They’re able to find the data they need, share it with others, manage design projects, and provide the correct data to manufacturing. Top-performing companies spend 25% less time on non-productive data management tasks.

World-class manufacturers use structured, collaborative design data management technology

Leading companies are more likely to use structured, collaborative design data management technology. World-class companies are 30% more likely to use PDM or PLM solutions like Solid Edge and are more likely to use other collaborative data management tools like Microsoft SharePoint to manage their design data.

Managing design data and enabling collaboration – the basic fundamentals behind any PDM or PLM solution – provide important business value. When you have good data management, it protects the bottom line and project time.

Our solutions help manufacturers follow the approaches of top-performing companies to help them streamline design data management and improve business performance.