How to Select Essential Tools for Product Design

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How to Select Essential Tools for Product Design

How do you gain a competitive edge in an increasingly saturated market? Manufacturers must find new areas of differentiation, such as better, higher quality products, more personalization, improved services, greater innovation or lower cost of ownership.

With these goals in mind, how do you choose the right software solutions to support your product lifecycle?

In this comprehensive buyer’s guide from analyst Tech-Clarity, you will find a resource to help you pick the right solution for your company. Including in-depth recommendations on Mechanical Design, Electrical and Electronic Design, Simulation, Manufacturing, Technical Publications and Design Data Management, this guide covers requirements for a complete integrated product development suite. It has four major sections:

  • Software functionality
  • Service requirements
  • Vendor attributes
  • Unique company considerations

Each section includes a checklist of key requirements to investigate when selecting software tools, based on independent industry research, interviews with real manufacturing companies and expert guidance.

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