Core Product Tiers

Solid Edge Features Design & Drafting Foundation Classic Premium
Basic part and assembly design
2D drafting
Import/export to all popular 2D/3D file formats
Synchronous Technology (intelligent direct editing)
Data management
Mesh modeling (convergent technology)
Visualization tools
Cloud enabled
Prep for additive manufacturing
Basic motion simulation
Advanced part and assembly design
Sheet metal design
Frame and weldments
Bulk migrators
Surface modeling
Simulation for parts
2.5 Axis milling
Subdivision modeling (advanced surfacing)
Photorealistic rendering
Standard parts & Libraries (nuts, bolts, etc.)
Vendor catalog integration (CADENAS)
Adaptive UI
Reverse engineering
Dynamic visualization
Engineering reference (springs, CAMS, gears, etc.)
CAD Direct
Design for cost
Generative design
Pipe and tube design
PCB collaboration
Electrical routing
Point cloud visualization
Linear stress simulation (parts/assemblies)
Advanced motion simulation
Simulation optimization