FIRST® Robotics Competition Sponsorship

FIRST® Inspires designs, develops and delivers program-based learning. True to its name FIRST both inspires students interests in science and technology and provides hands-on learning so students can develop the essential job skills that will be required of the next generation, while having fun at the same time.

As a proud sponsor of FIRST, Siemens is pleased and excited to support FIRST and provide all teams with access to:

  • Solid Edge® 3D CAD software free of charge
  • New learning tutorials for FIRST Robotics
  • 5GB of free cloud-based CAD file management, viewing, and collaboration
  • Solid Edge certification, and
  • Sponsorship funding for qualifying teams

Check out all the resources below to ensure your success in the 2020 FIRST Robotics season!

Free Solid Edge Software for Students

From elementary school students to college age, homeschoolers, self-learners and afterschool club members, the Solid Edge Student Edition is the same software used by professionals—free to any active learner.

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Academic News

Kicking off the FIRST Robotics Season with New Degrees of Freedom

Read an interview with Team 6413 Mentor Izzy Thalman and learn as a full-time student, with a demanding workload, why Izzy dedicates an average of 6-12 hours per week (in the off season) to mentor and teach the First Degrees of Freedom girls.

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Solid Edge Certification

Be sure to explore Solid Edge Training for Beginners to prepare for Solid Edge certification and validate your skills. Your FIRST voucher book includes a promotional code for FIRST participants to take the online certification exam free of charge so you can receive an industry recognized certification that can enhance your future career.

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