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Partner Area: Design Management & Product Configuration

CADCustomization – PREMA GROUP

CADCustomization is an MS Excel-based configurator useful for Engineered-to-Order products in heavy engineering industries, machinery equipment and other industries.

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Manufacturers of durable products (machines, equipment, structures) want to cater to individualized (Engineered-To-Order) product specifications to grow their business.

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DBSolidEdge – MechWorks

Manage your Design Data effectively and securely with DBSolidEdge and automate releases processes with no programming efforts.

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EcoDesigner – Trayak

EcoDesigner is an easy-to-use App for Solid Edge designers to perform Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and calculate the environmental impact of a product.

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Kenesto – Kenesto

Kenesto is a simple cloud-based document management solution for engineers and designers who need to manage CAD documents.

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Keytech PLM – keytech Software

Keytech PLM lets you manage all product-related data, documents and workflow states as each product moves through its lifecycle phases.

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openBoM – Newman Cloud

openBoM is a cloud-based BOM management and real time collaboration tool that integrates closely with Solid Edge and replaces your BOM spreadsheets.

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PDM Studio | CAD Partner GmbH

PDM Studio is a proven, multi-CAD capable solution for uniform, structured product data management.

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SAP PLM Interface for Solid Edge – Cideon

SAP PLM Interface for Solid Edge integrates CAD design processes tightly with other business processes supported/controlled by SAP.

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