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Total Production Optimization (TPO) – Plataine

Total Production Optimization (TPO) – Plataine

Plataine Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of Total Production Optimization (TPO) software, that provides manufacturers with significant cost savings and increased productivity through process automation and optimization. Plataine’s production optimization solutions enable manufacturers to be more competitive by increasing material utilization, improving productivity, and shortening manufacturing cycles to ensure on-time delivery of products to customers. TPO is unique in its optimization approach that provides manufacturers with a complete, ready to cut production plan while simultaneously considering multiple factors: customer requirements, order delivery date, geometric part-files, inventory at hand, machine capabilities and more. Plataine’s customers include Flexsteel, Gurit ,Hexcel, Interstate Foam & Supply, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), Steelcase and Vermont Composites (Kaman Aerospace).


Plataine’s Total Production Optimization (TPO) software solutions bridge the gap between Customer, Manufacturing and Engineering requirements. TPO integrates data from the ERP’s order management and inventory warehouse modules, CAD software, and production floor systems to automatically create optimized production plans. By processing all data in a single decision framework in real time, TPO provides the manufacturer with an end-to-end solution that optimally: schedules jobs to production, selects optimal raw material and utilizes remnants, generates cut-plans and nests, tracks production floor activities and provides management reports for analysis and future plans. Plataine’s Total Production Optimization (TPO) solution for composite components and parts manufacturers, seamlessly bridges the gap between ERP/MRP, CAD and the production floor. TPO creates ready-to-cut production plans by retrieving critical information from both the ERP/MRP and CAD systems and optimally selecting the rolls to be used. Work orders, their due date and production quantities as well as roll inventory information (such as material expiration date, width & length), are retrieved from the ERP/MRP while engineering data is retrieved from the CAD. TPO’s sophisticated algorithm then automatically produces a complete and optimized production plan, dynamically creating optimal nests. TPO supports multiple import and export formats, including Fibersim. TPO Software is offered as a Service (SaaS) – a fundamentally faster less risky and more cost-effective alternative to ‘traditional’ (on premises) software installations. The SaaS model offers minimal upfront costs, faster time to value and ongoing payments that are closely coupled with the value received. TPO Suite of products include: TPO FabricOptimizer, TPO Metal & Honeycomb Optimizer, TPO Material & Asset Tracker (MAT) and TPO Scheduler.


TPO offers a quick and easy-to-use import process of Solid Edge 3D parts and assemblies. TPO automatically disassembles the assembly to parts, then dynamically nests the parts and generates an optimal production plan. The functionality TPO offers are all based on the Solid-Edge 3D design of the parts and supports all Solid Edge features including drill, v-groove, step-down, etc.