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Industrial Food Processing

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Speed up food processing equipment design with Solid Edge

Solid Edge software enables manufacturers to steamline the design of new equipment to reduce delivery time and increase profit margins

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Accelerate the Food Processing
Equipment Design Process

Industrial food processing equipment (IFPE) manufacturers face many challenges in supplying high-quality machinery that meets their customers’ requirements while winning new business and maintaining profitability. Some of these challenges include:

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  • Presenting compelling proposals to customers that communicate the unique benefits of your equipment designs
  • Designing and manufacturing equipment that meets all relevant industry standards, and documenting your compliance with these standards
  • Meeting your customers’ demands for equipment that delivers lower labor costs, a better work environment and improved operator safety
  • Reducing the operating costs of your equipment, including energy consumption
  • Designing equipment for easy cleaning, maintenance and high reliability
  • Providing excellent installation and ongoing support services

IFPE manufacturers are often small- and medium-sized organizations that do not have the amount of information technology resources that larger enterprises can apply to implementing and maintaining high-end software solutions. They need professional computer-aided design (CAD) and productivity solutions that are easy to implement and maintain, as well as affordable.


Affordable, Professional Productivity Solutions

Solid Edge provides solutions for industrial food processing equipment design, validation and manufacturing that help you meet these challenges. Solid Edge can help your company flourish in the demanding IFPE business environment with:

Built-in photorealistic rendering tools that enable you to create amazing product images and animations

Virtual testing and validation of critical components using integrated, scalable simulation software that does not require specialist analysis staff

The ability to track “as-built” equipment configurations to facilitate installation and ongoing service

Solid Edge data management offers scalable solutions for management of CAD files and related technical data that meet the needs of IFPE manufacturers, from startups and very small firms to larger manufacturers with distributed operations.

The ability to rapidly design, analyze and modify 3D parts and assembly models to ensure accurate fit and function of all components

Accurate and timely supply of information to the shop floor – including 2D drawings, 3D models and bills of materials – that results in less errors and rework in manufacturing

Solid Edge manufacturing applications for machining, sheet metal manufacturing and design for manufacturing

With 3D CAD, simulation, manufacturing and design management capabilities, Solid Edge provides an integrated portfolio of affordable and easy-to-use equipment design solutions that help you design better and meet your customers’ needs.

Customer Highlight

Shrinking Industrial Food Processing Equipment Design Time

Reading Bakery Systems designs and manufactures equipment for high-volume production of pretzels, cookies and crackers.
They have achieved a 63 percent improvement in design productivity using Solid Edge.


  • Products require significant customization and thousands of drawings
  • Customer deadlines must be met to avoid costly penalty clauses
  • Unmanaged, out-of-date designs can’t be trusted, causing costly redesign work

Keys to Success

  • Move from old 2D design process to more productive 3D
  • Find an easy-to-use 3D design system with powerful assembly modeling sheet metal design capabilities
  • Incorporate design management to guarantee design integrity and share product information outside of engineering


  • 3 percent design productivity gain
  • Detailed drawing production time reduced from 3.2 to 1.2 hours
  • Produced almost three times as many drawings in first year
  • About half of all RBS employees (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, CNC shop) can now access current design data

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Solid Edge and industrial food processing design

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